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Elasticsearch Administrator

Reston, VA
Project: Company is standing up a new application environment and needs an Elasticsearch Administrator to join the team that knows how to install, maintain, manage, and debug an Elasticsearch server
  • Ensure the Elasticsearch clusters continue to run under optimal conditions
  • Evaluate existing Elastic clusters, configuration parameters, indexing, search and query performance tuning, security and administration
  • Setup Elasticsearch clusters across 2 datacenters in active/passive or possibly active/active configuration
  • Maintain appropriate infrastructure to maintain performance and data integrity
  • Keep Elastic Search clusters upgraded (as permitted by the applications reliant on them)
  • Spin up/ customize clusters for the customers (where automation capabilities can't do it)
  • Optimize indexes for use cases (e. g. logging, enterprise search)
  • Troubleshoot various issues with the clusters (from small errors like unassigned shards, to automation issues, to node/ cluster failures)
  • Work closely with development, engineering and operation teams and jointly work on key deliverables ensuring production scalability and stability
  • Ensure data replication between Oracle and Elasticsearch
  • Setup and configure Logstash/Beats as necessary to feed Elasticsearch
  • Ensure security of Elasticsearch cluster
  • Follow best practices
  • Ensure appropriate monitoring & alerting of Elasticsearch
  • 1-3+ year experience with Elasticsearch Administration
  • Knowledge of Elastic DSL
  • Knowledge of Docker/Kubernetes
  • Enterprise experience preferred (multi server environment)

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