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Location: Annapolis Junction, MD
Date Posted: 07-26-2018 #11209994
General Responsibilities. Develops procedures and methods for the use of digital geoscience data (in vector, raster and image format) in analysis, interpretation, and assessment. Assists scientific staff in using GIS to conduct project work. Produces finished GIS map databases and illustrations for publication. Writes technical reports for publication. This work and other GIS-related tasks (i.e., assisting in the acquisition, maintenance, and use of digital geologic information) will be identified by the project chief, Western Region Databases and Information Analysis Project, Western Region Mineral Resources Program, USGS. The data, technical data, reports, and other deliverables will be subject to acceptance by the project chief or his/her designee.
Enter data into ArcGIS using scanned images, text files, spreadsheets of tabular data, and (or) database files.
Implement quality control on acquired digital data used in ArcGIS; follow procedures (Federal Geographic Data Commission metadata standards) for documenting files in ArcCatalog.
Proof, edit, and attribute ArcGIS files (stored in file geodatabases and shapefiles).
Manipulate and analyze data (particularly raster and image data) using ArcGIS (Spatial Analyst and Image Analysis extensions to georeference raster data and to perform modeling).
Create and prepare products for publications (digital files, maps, documentation) using ArcGIS, and other desktop publishing software (e.g., Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, etc).
Provide digital documentation of work conducted on assigned projects.
Prepare and update training materials documenting the procedures that they have developed or modified.
Write portions of USGS publications series technical reports for technical review and publication, as appropriate.
Follow all USGS existing procedures and guidelines. Performers are expected to know USGS graphics standards and produce figures and GIS products to those standards with little guidance.
Inform the Technical Liaison of all equipment and data problems.
Provide monthly reports to Technical Liaison/COR or their designee.
Ensure that all work areas are kept free of safety hazards at all times.

MANDATORY SKILLS: At least 10 years of professional work experience using ArcGIS (through version 10.5.x) in geological and mineral resource studies, including making of interim analytical and final published map databases.
At least 10 years professional experience creating spatial databases from original analog data, including accurate georeferencing in GIS.
At least 10 years professional experience extracting geologic and mineral deposit information from original scientific literature and company sources to create new databases, both spatial and non-spatial.
Experience in ability to utilize professional knowledge of the scientific concepts, principles, and practice in researching a range of earth science disciplines to conduct surface and subsurface geologic investigations needed for mineral resource or similar assessment (including regional geologic, tetonic, and geochemical/synthesis, geology of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, geophysics, geomorphology, sedimentary, petrology, stratigraphy, and structural geology.
At least 10 years professional experience reading, interpreting, and extracting data from geologic and mineral resource maps and similar geotechnical information sources, including the ability to recognize and understand terminology related to rock type and minerals geologic age, structural features, geophysical and geochemical anomalies, and mineral occurrences.
At least 5 years of professional work experience working with USGS Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS) database and other online USGS mineral occurrence and geological datasets.
At least 5 years professional experience creating geological illustrations to professional publications standards including, but not limited to, derivative maps, cross-sections, mineral deposit schematics, and block diagrams with GIS, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat.
At least 5 years professional experience evaluating mineral deposit and prospect information, including grade, tonnage, deposit type, and location sourced from NI-43-101 reports, exploration company press releases and websites, and other similar materials, using GIS, Google Earth, and Microsoft Office, particularly Excel.
At least 5 years professional experience with Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) metadata creation, editing, and proofing for geologic and mineral resource map databases.
At least 5 years professional experience working with USGS mineral deposit models and mineral resource assessment information, including copper, platinum-group metals, uranium, potash, rare earth elements, and other precious and base metal resources.
At least 5 years professional experience using machine translation of geologic literature and map legends and evaluating if the translations are geologically meaningful. Languages have included Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, and Hebrew.
Thorough knowledge of coordinate systems and map projections to enable accurate georeferencing of analog data.
At least 5 years professional experience viewing and interpreting Google Earth or similar aerial or satellite imagery for the purposes of locating and verifying the position of mineral occurrence sites and geological features.
Proficient in using ArcMap and ArcCatalog modules in ArcGIS.
Experience using Spatial Analyst and Image Analysis extensions to ArcGIS.
Demonstrated expertise using Model Builder in ArcGIS to create robust models.
Ability to design geospatial databases and data models in ArcGIS.
Experience using Windows 7.
Ability to operate large and small format scanners.

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