Clinical Application Coordinator

Location: White Cloud, Kansas
Date Posted: 04-09-2018 #10837894
Exciting opportunity for Clinical Application Coordinator

1. Experience (2 or more years) in clinical applications support in the healthcare industry or a degree in Medical Informatics. Alternatively, a minimum of 4 years experience (with at least 1 year in the past six years) in direct patient care (medical, pharmacy, nursing, or allied health) with evidence of interest and knowledge of RPMS software packages or in medical informatics.
2. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with peers and superiors, to speak in front of groups and to communicate in writing policies, procedures, memoranda and training materials. Ability to operate and communicate effectively while under pressure is essential.
3. Experience serving as a liaison between groups within an organization, as an effective member of organizational teams and in coordinating software implementation projects.
4. Contractor shall complete the Pre-Employment Clearance and Background Investigation Requirement for all individuals that will be working on this project.
The Clinical Application Coordinator (CAC) will provide information technology clinical application services for the White Cloud Health Station. The CAC shall provide implementation, training, and ongoing support of multi-service clinical software applications. The duties involve serving as the coordinator for various packages, consulting with the service lines and their staff in customizing software and training individuals in the daily operation of the packages as well as how the packages integrate with each other. Incumbent also works with other application coordinators with responsibility for a broad range of activities surrounding the implementation of a comprehensive, standardized integrated health care information system. Work may be performed using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. The CAC shall follow the guidelines, policies, and procedures of the White Cloud Health Station.
The CAC shall be:
1. Responsible for drug file optimization to get ready for e-prescribing as well as the monthly maintenance thereafter
2. Responsible for the implementation and support of multi-service software packages that automate the capture of clinical encounter information and its subsequent retrieval. The application coordinator manages the customization of the site parameters and addresses integration issues with other software packages. Periodically reviews site parameters and local tables with each service for accuracy and completeness. The incumbent coordinates implementation of new software products obtained by the facility that cover these functions.
3. Development of medication quick orders and menus based on the local formulary.
4. Responsible for analyzing and evaluating processes related to information flow. Serves as liaison between service lines concerning these processes. Acquires a comprehensive knowledge of the software involved to determine what are procedural issues versus system/application deficiencies.
Assists staff in the efficient use of the current software. Serves on medical center teams, wherever and whenever management determines the skills and talents of the incumbent would be best utilized
5. Responsible for establishing effective interpersonal relationships with all levels of medical center personnel. Creates a positive environment for reporting
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